Who are we?

The Éole Foundation is an organization focused on the education of renewable energies and sustainable development. It will develop in such a way as to popularize and share new developments relating to these topical subjects, all in a fun setting and with a view to integration into community and cooperative initiatives.

Conferences, educational workshops, physical and digital documentation, energy research and development, and community involvement drive the foundation's progress.

Why "Aeolus"?

“The name of our first major project, Éole, generally represents the God of the winds, but also the divinity of the directions. An essential component in the development of clean and alternative energy sources, Éole blows in the sails of our foundation and extends its impact to the multiple axes of sustainable development and the fight against climate change. »

Project Éole, a former wind energy research laboratory, becomes a laboratory on the environment and renewable energy for the Foundation, and makes the tools available to it so that it can export and disseminate information, content and vision beyond the physical limits of the site. Both will evolve into synergistic development in the years to come. The foundation will see itself making the synthesis of the information present on the site for a diffusion on a national scale.

The foundation was granted Registered Charity (OBE) status by the CRA in March 2023 and donations will be used for the preservation of the environment, there reduced impact of industrial development, there green energy creation, there fight against climate change and, more generally, thepractical education on the know-how relating to these different themes.

Our identity