From the Éole Project to the Éole Foundation

Newly active, the Éole Foundation is a platform for education and the dissemination of information relating to our fields of action, by synthesizing the abundance of available knowledge and making it accessible to all, all within a framework fun and a plan to integrate into community and cooperative initiatives.

The core of the Fondation Éole is made up of the founding members of the development team of the Éole Project, a place of discovery and wonder about wind power, in Cap-Chat in Gaspésie. They wish to spread their passions and knowledge for the different aspects of our relationship with the environment (energy, food, way of life) on a larger scale.

Action fields

Renewable energy

Responsible consumption

Sustainable development

Food autonomy

Ongoing project

Driven by the Wind: The Relevance of Wind Power Development in Quebec

A presentation that aims to raise public awareness of the relevance of wind energy development in Quebec communities.

From ancient Persia to Gaspésie: The history of wind energy

The conference traces the history of wind energy, from its origins in antiquity to the creation of the Quebec wind industry, including the major research projects in Quebec which have marked the history of this technology worldwide. .

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The foundation is currently working on educational and interactive workshops on renewable energy for presentation in a school or extracurricular context, complementary to science lessons.

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The foundation will set up and document a demonstration microgrid project on the site of the Éole Project in order to facilitate the adoption and appropriation of clean technologies by the general public.

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The Éole Foundation will be the initiator of artistic creations on the themes of energy, the environment and sustainable development. For centuries, science and the arts have evolved in parallel, which is why these projects will allow maximum reach, impact and influence.

Several surprises to come.